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Restore Lost Bone Volume to Qualify for Dental Implants

Contemporary Bone Grafting Procedures

When you are seeking to replace missing teeth with dental implants, a key factor to determining if you qualify is the amount of bone in your jaw. Adequate jaw bone volume is necessary to support the dental implant post and prevent it from failing, but when bone loss has occurred due to gum disease, oral trauma or deterioration, many patients require bone grafting treatment to qualify. Bone grafting utilizes a small sample of bone from you or a donor source to restore the necessary volume acceptable for dental implants. At Periodontal Centers of Rochester, we offer effective bone grafting techniques to help you qualify for dental implants.

Socket Preservation

Socket Preservation

After having a tooth extracted, the empty socket it once occupied is filled with bone graft material in order to restore volume and preserve the jaw structure.


Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is an advanced bone grafting process that accesses the sinus cavity when back upper teeth are missing. The sinus membrane is gently raised and bone grafting material is placed underneath to create sufficient bone volume to support dental implants.

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

When bone loss has occurred, it can make the jaw thinner is certain areas. Ridge augmentation grafting restores this thinned area to an acceptable volume.

Bone Grafting Techniques and Technologies

Our board-certified periodontists believe in staying up-to-date with the latest in bone grafting techniques and technology to ensure successful results. For most bone grafting procedures, we make use of guided tissue regeneration to encourage a quicker healing timeframe and keep the bone graft material protected and in place. During sinus lift surgery, we use ultrasonic PIEZOSURGERY® technology to gently access the sinus cavity without harming soft tissues like the gums or the delicate sinus membrane. These techniques combined with dental sedation give patients a more comfortable and successful bone grafting treatment

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Prepare your jaw for dental implants with bone grafting treatment.