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Tooth Extraction of Problem Teeth Leads to a Healthier Mouth

Reasons Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Having problem teeth affects more than just your smile—it can affect your self-esteem, your diet, and even cause you frequent tooth pain. When a problem tooth cannot be saved with dental treatment, it is often recommended that a tooth extraction be performed to prevent more complications from developing in the future. Our periodontists will do whatever it takes to save your teeth, but when tooth extraction is necessary, we can use our dental sedation options to provide you with gentle tooth extraction. There are multiple reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary with some of the most common including:

Broken, fractured or severely damaged teeth may need to be extracted if the tooth is beyond saving with a root canal and dental crown or causes excessive tooth pain. Tooth extractions of damaged teeth help relieve pain by removing pieces of teeth that no longer function properly or are stuck in the gum tissue or jaw bone.

If a tooth is severely diseased and the interior pulp chamber becomes compromised, it can cause painful abscesses to form in the jaw and even spread infection to surrounding teeth or other parts of the body. When a root canal will not save these teeth, tooth extraction is the best option to relieving pain and stopping the infection from spreading.
Patients in need of full arch dental implants need to have any remaining teeth extracted to make room for the prosthesis. Tooth extractions of remaining healthy and failing teeth is often necessary in order to provide you with this complete smile rejuvenation.
When gum disease has been left untreated, the infection can harm your jaw bone and tooth structure, causing tooth pain and loose teeth. Gentle tooth extraction of severely infected teeth can allow gum disease to be treated and prevent further tooth pain and oral complications.

Replace Extracted Teeth with Lifelike Dental Implants

After a tooth extraction, we will often perform socket preservation bone grafting to fill the empty socket and restore proper bone volume. This will help ensure teeth do no shift into the empty area and that you are qualified to replace your extracted tooth with a dental implant. Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement and can restore both the appearance and function back to your smile. At the Periodontal Centers of Rochester, we can place your new dental implants after tooth extraction and get you on the path to a complete smile again.

Dental Implant

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