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Why Choose the Periodontal Centers of Rochester?

Trust in Experienced Periodontists

When it comes to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, including dental implant placement, and the accurate diagnosis and treatment of gum disease, periodontists are often regarded as the experts. Periodontists attend extra three years of advanced schooling after their dental education to become specialists in their field. Drs. Tim Blieden and Paul Romano are also board-certified periodontists, which means they have taken the time and efforts to prove their expertise to the American Board of Periodontology through extensive written and oral exams. Drs. Blieden and Romano believe that education and hard work to become a periodontist never ends, and thus commit to around 40 hours of continuing education each year, as well as being members of many dental organizations. This extensive educational background has made our team more than qualified to handle some of the most complex dental procedures.

  • One of the things that separates our practice from others is our attention to detail and ability to make patients feel comfortable. Our staff is very polite and we have an incredible office environment that patients enjoy.

Dr. Tim Blieden

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Technologically Advanced for Honest, Efficient Care

By choosing the Periodontal Centers of Rochester, our team will utilize their education and investments in advanced technology to provide you with the most ideal treatments. Our periodontists ensure that patients are comfortable during their procedures through the option of oral sedation, which gives you a relaxing and virtually pain-free experience. Our treatments are also more precise and successful with the use of digital cone beam scanning  technology and dental implant surgical guides. All of our procedures and techniques are based on time-tested academic principles that have been proven to be successful.

  • You Should Choose an Expert Periodontist Who is Specially Trained in Bone and Gums

When you need the experts, choose
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