Crown Lengthening - Rochester, NY

Enhance Your Smile With Crown Lengthening

Functional and Aesthetic Gummy Smile Treatment

For some people, they experience excessive gum tissue that can cover a large portion of their teeth, often called a “gummy smile.” This can cause a variety of concerns, both for the patient’s oral health and overall cosmetic appearance. At the Periodontal Centers of Rochester, we offer crown lengthening procedures as a form of both functional and aesthetic gummy smile treatment. Crown lengthening involves gently removing excessive gum tissue to expose more of the tooth underneath. Not only does this improve a patient’s smile, but it can also minimize the locations where bacteria can thrive and help prevent cavities.

As academically trained periodontists with nearly 60 years of combined experience, we are some of the best in the industry when it comes to performing crown lengthening procedures. Our in-depth understanding on the gum tissues and how they interact with your teeth and mouth as a whole ensure that you get the quality care you deserve.

Gentle Removal of Excessive Gums

When performing crown lengthening treatment, we will gently remove the excessive gum tissue, being sure to leave a healthy amount to protect your tooth roots. Our team will do everything possible to make you feel calm during the procedure and with the help of dental sedation you will likely experience very little discomfort. When your gums are at a healthy position the appearance of your smile is improved and harmful bacteria can be cleaned away easier. Many times, those with a gummy smile harbor cavity causing bacteria below their gumline, but when crown lengthening treatment has been performed, this area is easier to keep clean and healthy. We strive to make the crown lengthening recovery time minimal so that you can get back to your daily life with a new, enhanced smile.

Crown Lengthening Advantages

  • Enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Prevent cavities
  • Even out the gum line
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Virtually painless with sedation

Enjoy a healthy, attractive smile with crown lengthening.