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Calming Sedation Dentistry

Dental fear and anxiety is one of the most common reasons patients avoid coming to the dentist to receive care. If you avoid the dentist out of fear of needles, bad past experiences, embarrassment or need extensive work done, the Periodontal Centers of Rochester offers calming sedation dentistry to make your appointments easier. Sedation dentistry not only calms your nerves but we can utilize it to block sensations of pain or discomfort. Sedation dentistry has been proven to help many patients receive the dental care they need and get them on the path to a healthier and happier quality of life. When performing dental sedation for your procedures, we utilize oral sedation and local anesthetic.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Administered as a pill before treatment begins, oral sedation effectively puts patients into a dream-like state. You will feel much more relaxed and less anxious, but still be able to respond to commands from our team. In some cases with this sedation dentistry you may not even remember the treatment processes at all.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Local Anesthetic

This form of sedation dentistry is often combined with oral sedation and is used to block the feeling of pain. Local anesthetic is injected at the site of treatment and will numb the area so that you feel little to no discomfort. Most patients report only feeling a slight sense of pressure at the treatment site.

Local Anesthetic

An Experienced Team of Caring Professionals

While sedation dentistry makes treatments more calming and painless, the exceptional care you receive from our team and friendly staff will also make a difference. Our doctors have nearly 60 years of combined periodontal experience and can handle complicated cases with proven results. We want you to feel like part of our own family when you receive treatment and always provide honest feedback on what procedures you actually need. Sedation dentistry often makes a big difference in helping you achieve your smile goals and feel happy and confident with your life.

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