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Practical Soft Tissue Treatments

As a periodontal specialty practice , the soft tissues of the mouth are one of our primary focuses. Oral soft tissues primarily involve the gums, cheeks, tongue and lips. Our practice offers a variety of soft tissue treatments performed in a gentle manner with the goal of improving your oral health and comfort. Soft tissue treatments can be performed for cosmetic reasons to improve the appearance of your smile, or for functional reasons including removing gum disease or improving speech.

Gingivectomies are a soft tissue treatment that removes diseased gum tissue from around your teeth. Gingivectomies return health to your mouth and are effective when disease has not affected your jaw bone.

A tongue- or lip-tie is a common oral concern that restricts movement of the upper lip or tongue. Frenectomy soft tissue treatments allow us to severe the connecting tissue (frenulum) that restricts movement and improve patient quality of life.

Those with a gummy smile or excessive gum tissue can have the tissue removed to improve both appearance and health of the smile. Patients can enjoy a more natural-looking smile and reduce periodontal pockets where bacteria thrive with this soft tissue treatment.

When gum recession has occurred, we can restore lost tissue with a gum graft to prevent damage to your sensitive tooth roots. This soft tissue treatment will cover exposed tooth roots and restore balance to the appearance of your smile.

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The Periodontal Centers of Rochester features a team of board-certified periodontists as well as a highly trained and friendly staff. Periodontists spend extra years after dental school studying and specializing in their field, including soft tissue treatments, and our team was trained at the world-renown Eastman Dental Center. Our team believes in the importance of continuing education and participates in over 30 to 40 hours every year, including being members of organizations including the American Academy of Periodontology and American Dental Association. Our skills, education and experience translate to an improved treatment plan and more gentle, effective soft tissue treatments for you.

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