Dental Implants: Types and Installation Techniques

Dental Implant Gums

Types of Implants & Techniques
When it comes to dental implants there are a variety of implant types as well as techniques that are used to install these different dental implants. Please refer to the information below for assistance with figuring out which type of dental implant is the best option for you and the technique you prefer.

The single implant is considered the most common type of dental implant. This includes replacing one tooth by placing the implant into the jawbone and placing a crown or a bridge on top. Additionally, because the crown or bridge is on top of the tooth there is no reason to alter the surrounding teeth.

If a patient has lost multiple teeth this type of dental implant would be their best option. Similar to the single implant process this type of implant goes into the jawbone and then a bridge or denture is placed on top. Using this method, the dentist can actually fill in a space of up to three or four teeth all at once.

Full Arch
When most or all the teeth are lost within a single arch of a patients mouth, they would be considered a good candidate for a full arch dental implant. For this process a denture is placed on top providing the patient with greater stability. Typically, patients need two to four implants inserted into the jawbone.

Get Implants at Our Office
Feel free to contact your local dentist to set up an appointment for further assistance with your inquires about dental implant types and procedure techniques. They can answer all of your questions in person.

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