Signs You Need Dental Implants

Dental implants at periodontist in Rochester NY

Dental implants are usually composed of three pieces: a crown, abutment and post. The crown is often made from porcelain or another material that’s the color of a natural tooth. The abutment and post are usually constructed from titanium, which is a very durable and corrosion-resistant material that is generally accepted well by the body. Implants are frequently inserted into the jaw after one or more teeth are lost, but they can also be placed after a tooth has experienced severe damage.

Here are a few signs you may need dental implant placement from a skilled periodontist in Rochester, NY.

Severely Chipped Tooth

If you have a very minor chip on your tooth, you can probably have it repaired very easily. Minor chips aren’t usually a cause for alarm and are often considered cosmetic issues. A severely chipped tooth, on the other hand, is susceptible to infection and can compromise the tooth’s strength and structure. If a severely chipped tooth can’t be saved with normal dental procedures, your periodontist in Rochester, NY, may recommend a dental implant.

Obvious Signs of Decay

When tooth decay isn’t treated right away and is allowed to continue for months or even years, it can eat away at your tooth’s internal structures. If the damage is severe enough, a root canal or implant placement may be necessary to restore normal dental function.

Missing Tooth

If you have gum disease and are missing one or more teeth because of it, dental implants may help. You will probably need to treat the underlying condition first, but once your gum disease symptoms are under control, dental implants can restore the beauty and function of your teeth.

Visit Our Practice

There’s no need to live with the embarrassment of damaged or missing teeth when dental implants are readily available to help you. Schedule a consultation with Drs. Tim Blieden, Paul Romano or Jack Caton by calling Periodontal Centers of Rochester during operating hours. 

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