The Difference Between Dentures & Dental Implants

Dentures and dental implants are commonly used to replace missing teeth in adults. While there are some similarities between the two treatments, there are also many differences. If you want to understand more about these tooth replacement options so you can decide which is ideal for you, here’s what you should know:

Structure and Placement

Each denture appliance is typically a single piece you place in your mouth. Dental implants, on the other hand, are usually composed of three pieces (the post, abutment and crown). Dentures are designed to fit snuggly around your gums, but to keep them in place, you have to use some type of dental paste. Implants are put into the jaw bone and stay in place because the bone grows around them and holds them securely where they are.


Most people need to replace their dentures as often as every three years because the denture material wears down over time and the shape of the gums changes as the jaw bone deteriorates. Dental implants are known to last up to 20 years because they are made from highly durable materials and can prevent bone loss that leads to changes in face shape.


Dentures are designed to be removed regularly. Most people take their denture appliances out when they go to bed. The appliances should be placed in a special solution to keep them clean. Dental implants aren’t removable and don’t require unique care. They should be cleaned like real teeth (by brushing and flossing each day). You don’t need to worry about soaking implants in special solutions or re-inserting them into your mouth every morning.

Learn More

If the benefits of dental implants sound attractive to you, we’d be happy to tell you more about the implant placement process. To set up an appointment with a skilled periodontist in Rochester, NY, call Periodontal Centers of Rochester and we’ll arrange a consultation with Drs. Tim Blieden, Paul Romano or Jack Caton.

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